Iris Ping Huang

 Received trained teacher certificate (Stage 6)

  • Listing ID: 13077
  • Languages: English, Chinese
  • Teaching Setting: General public, health settings, workplaces
  • Biography: Hi, my name is Iris Ping Huang. Nice to connect with you. I am currently a practioner in psychotherapy, mindfulness teaching, mentoring, and life coaching. Previously, I worked in the performance arts industry in Hong Kong for over two years, and later in the information technology industry in Beijing for over four years. I truly appreciate the diversity of experiences and encounters these fields have offered me. My connection with mindfulness began in 2017 through Buddhism, and I enjoyed spending my weekend doing mindfulness practice in the temple. In 2022, I completed mindfulness teacher training with the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation, and I obtained my mindfulness teacher certificate in 2023. Additionally, I am currently pursuing MSC counselling training at Bangor University, which will continue until 2024. Writing, singing, rock climbing, and being in nature are among my passions. Discovering the unique aspects within myself and creating space for these activities brings me joy and contentment. This is also one of the important learnings during my mindfulness teacher training. I am deeply grateful for all the connections that have taught, nurtured, and supported me along my journey. I have a strong interest in the development of mindfulness-based programs that transcend cultural boundaries, sectors, and disciplines. I am delighted to work with people from diverse cultural backgrounds in mindfulness teaching across various settings, including the general public, healthcare, workplaces, and more. Currently, I am offering mindfulness teachings in programs including Mindfulness for Life, MBCT, Finding Peace in a Frantic World, and Deeper Mindfulness. I am open to different kinds of collaborations that aim to bring mindfulness to a wider context.
  • Curriculum: Mindfulness for Life, Deeper Mindfulness, Finding Peace in a Frantic World, MBCT