Establish Yourself as a Workplace Mindfulness Teacher: Unlocking Opportunities with our Teaching in the Workplace Course

Establish Yourself as a Workplace Mindfulness Teacher: Unlocking Opportunities with our Teaching in the Workplace Course

With workplaces increasingly familiar with the concept and potential benefits of mindfulness training, how can you establish yourself and build a mindfulness offering that stands out amidst growing competition?

If you’ve completed a recognised mindfulness teacher training and are looking to step into the workplace arena, the Mindfulness: Teaching in the Workplace (MTW) course will equip you to thrive in this maturing market.

Since the training’s inception in 2020, it has proved incredibly popular as recent participant testimonials show:

“Truly it exceeded my expectations. It is the best ever practical training I have ever had in all my academic and professional training. Thank you for this very thoroughly developed training.”

“My deepest gratitude to all of you. I am loving this course, and I am surprised by how much I have learnt and the confidence I gained to bring mindfulness in the workplace. This course is fantastic and I am enjoying each moment of it.”

“It has been a really enriching experience full of insightful materials and practical advice. The opportunity to put the learning into practice with the study group has been very helpful too.”

“Thank you for this great opportunity to participate in such a deep, comprehensive and inspiring program. After going through all 10 sessions I now feel very confident to interact with any potential clients and have no single doubt or question how to launch workplace practice.”

“Thank you both for your valuable guidance throughout the ‘teaching in the workplace’ programme. I have learnt a lot from the content, as well as from your own teaching styles and how elegantly you embody and weave-in the practice, while facilitating the exploration process. The last eight months have been truly inspiring…“

As a result of the insights gained by teaching this course to three different cohorts and because of the fundamental shifts faced by many workplaces, we have revised its structure and added new sessions offering extra space and guidance on how to respond skilfully. Together we consider how participants can:

  1. Strengthen their self-confidence and build an entrepreneurial mindset that helps them overcome limiting beliefs, effectively promote their work and build sustainable client relationships.
  2. Identify profitable niches and develop a unique selling point that differentiates them in this competitive market.
  3. Increase their visibility by building a strong brand and leveraging their networks whilst also building an authoritative presence on context specific social media networks.
  4. Attract new clients, even in the face of widespread app usage and a growing number of internal champion programmes, and increase the longevity of existing client relationships.
  5. Understand how to leverage technology, blended learning and partnerships to provide a first-rate customer experience and stand out against larger professional players.

In a rapidly changing marketplace, mindfulness teachers must adapt if they want to continue to thrive in workplace environments. The evolved Mindfulness: Teaching in the Workplace course is designed to equip you with the necessary tools, support, and mindset to succeed.

Take the leap, join our program, and become part of a community of mindfulness teachers who are making a meaningful impact in workplaces.

For more information about the course, vist the course page here and to join our next free Information Session on 1st December, 2023, where you can meet the trainers and get your questions answered, book your space here.