A message to all Mindfulness Teachers

A message to all Mindfulness Teachers

Do you teach mindfulness? Are you based in the UK? Would you like your thoughts, experiences, and views about the past, present and future of mindfulness to be represented in a landmark study? We invite all teachers of mindfulness in the UK to take part in a Mapping Mindfulness project. If you teach mindfulness and are based in the UK, we encourage you to complete an online survey.

This survey is open to all teachers of mindfulness in the UK, past or present, whether or not you have followed a recognised mindfulness teacher training pathway. They want to hear about your journey in mindfulness and we want your voice to be included in our project. The survey asks questions about your mindfulness teaching, mindfulness practice and retreats, as well as basic demographic information. The survey also asks about the locations of your mindfulness teaching, so that they can map the current geography and accessibility of mindfulness provision in the UK.

The researchers will create a public register of mindfulness teaching in the UK and you can choose to be included in this register. The survey should take around 20-30 minutes to complete. At the end of the survey, you will be given the opportunity to receive a summary of the findings once the project has been completed. They are also conducting interviews with mindfulness teachers in the survey will ask you whether you would like to participate in an interview.

Data from this study will be retained by the School of Social Sciences at Cardiff University in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (2018). All your personal data will remain confidential and any identifying information will be anonymised (unless preferred otherwise). You are entitled to withdraw your data from this study at any stage in the research process.

Please follow the link below to start the survey:

About the Mapping Mindfulness Project

The United Kingdom has recently emerged as one of the leading fronts of the global mindfulness movement. While mindfulness continues to garner substantial attention as an effective therapeutic intervention, our wider understanding of the people, places, and practices that make up this diverse field remains limited.

Our landmark three-year project, funded by the Leverhulme Trust, will provide the first large-scale social study of the mindfulness milieu in the UK. We will produce detailed accounts of the Who, What, Where, and Why of mindfulness provision in relation to wider trends in contemporary society. Phase One of the project involves a general survey of providers of mindfulness. Phases Two and Three will involve interviews with respondents and case studies of key sites of mindfulness provision.

For further information about the Mapping Mindfulness project, please visit

If you have any queries regarding this project, please feel free to contact the research team at mappingmindfulness@cardiff.ac.uk

Best wishes,
The Mapping Mindfulness Project Team
Dr Steven Stanley
Dr Alp Arat
Dr Peter Hemming
Prof Richard King