Our ‘Modular’ Teacher Training is Ending by Marion Furr

Our ‘Modular’ Teacher Training is Ending by Marion Furr

As the OMF’s Operations Lead, I want to share with you some changes to our teacher-training programme.

Until last year, we have been offering two different non-academic ways to train as a teacher: the 12-month “Cohort” route, and the “Modular” route.

The changes I’m about to describe only affect our Modular training. So if you’re currently part of a 12-month teacher-training Cohort, with all your training dates scheduled in advance, these changes do not apply to you.

If you have completed some (but not all) modules and workshops for the Modular training route, please read this blog carefully.

Over the next 12 months, we are phasing out the Modular teacher-training route.

The Modular route offered people the opportunity to take teacher-training “modules” and individual supporting workshops sequentially at times that have suited them – potentially stretching out much longer than a 12-month period.

This made complete sense when all of our teacher training took place in person, either in Oxford or internationally. It wasn’t geographically possible for many people to travel to us every couple of weeks for a whole year. Now that we offer our teacher training online this is no longer an issue and the 12-month cohort programme is now the main route for training to teach 8-week courses.

Of course, if you have started on the modular programme, we want to make sure you have the chance to finish your teacher training and we have been communicating this over the past 12 months.

If you have already completed modules 1 and 2, the extra pieces of training you need to complete your course include: the foundational workshops, the retreat (Module 3) and Module 4.

We are scheduling a series of these over the coming months so that you can complete your foundational training. As a minimum you will need to attend:

• Origins of Mindfulness (previously called Buddhist Psychology)
• 5-day retreat
• Inquiry in MBCT
• Group Skills for MBCT
• Ethics, Orientation & Assessment
• Cognitive and Behavioural Foundations in MBCT (you do not need to attend this if you attended M1&2 in Feb 2020 or later)

The next retreat starts on 25 July 2022, and the closing date is 20 July so please do book your place now if you wish to attend. Links to book are below.

The next Inquiry and Group skills workshops take place on 28 and 29 September. Links to book are below.

Additional workshop dates to complete your modular training will be confirmed shortly, so watch the website for further information. We encourage you to book those already advertised as soon as possible so that you do not miss out.
The final Module 4 takes place in 2023 on February 8, 15, 22 and March 1, 15, 22, 29. Links to book are below.

Dates will be confirmed shortly, so watch the website for further information. However, we encourage you to complete your retreat and workshops as soon as possible so that you do not miss out.

After Module 4 in February / March 2023, this Modular teacher training will be discontinued completely.

I understand that you may have questions – if so, please do reach out to me at marion.furr@oxfordmindfulness.org

With warm wishes,


Inquiry in MBCT workshop:

Group Skills for MBCT

Foundational Training Module 4