Teacher Partnership Programme – Express your Interest

Teacher Partnership Programme – Express your Interest

Earlier in 2019, the OMC announced a new Teacher Partnership Programme initiative. We are inviting MBCT teachers who have been trained by the OMC to deliver their courses via the OMC as a partnership offering, there will be set entry criteria with two levels of partnership:

1) Teaching Partner or 2) Training Partner.

Our overall vision and objective is to increase accessibility in 5 key areas:

  1. Increase access to MBCT courses – The partnership will provide some administrative support and structure to teachers to enable wider access to MBCT.
  2. Increase access to apprenticeship placements – Teachers joining the programme will be required (where they are suitability experienced) to offer a number of apprenticeship opportunities to teachers in training with the OMC.
  3. Increase access to research – The courses offered via the partners could join a wider research programme. Participants will be asked to give consent to be contacted by the OMC research team
  4. Increase access to teaching competency feedback – The feedback gathered from course participants will be skilfully structured around the MBI:TAC questions and other key performance and quality indicators to enable immediate participant feedback from the OMC system.
  5. Increase access to a network of teacher support – Teachers on the programme will be part of a community, there will be annual partnership gatherings with sharing of key research findings, curriculum development updates, plus wider updates on field developments and an opportunity to come together as a team and practice.

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