News Round-up, Sunday 12th July 2020

News Round-up, Sunday 12th July 2020

A review of some of our communications updates from our social media channels this last week.

Monday saw the launch of our most recent newsletter. This is the beginning of a series of regular, smaller newsletters with specific themes, making it easier for you to decide what you like to read, depending on your areas of interest. If you haven’t yet read the newsletter you can do so by following the link, and you will also find a link at the top of the page which allows you to subscribe and receive all of our future newsletters directly to your inbox:


On Wednesday we were able to ask the following question – would you be interested in working with us? This week has seen some wonderful opportunities come to light where the OMC are looking for individuals to join the team in multiple areas. ⁠There are opportunities in Mentoring for Teachers in Training, in Fundraising and also the chance for professionals with an understanding of mindfulness to get involved in driving our online Zoom sessions. ⁠More details are available here:


Thursday saw the announcement of a new Trained Teacher Certificate from the OMC. This means the OMC now has two options of teacher certification: The new Trained Teacher Certificate and The Certificate of Competence. To learn more about OMC teacher certification and to see if you are eligible, please follow the link here:


On Friday we were pleased to highlight that Susan Peacock, a teacher at the OMC, recently delivered a Webinar with IBM focused on Mindfulness for Education, Career and Life. The Webinar is just under an hour length, includes accessible and engaging mindful practises and is available to view here:


Friday also gave us the opportunity to point you towards some weekend listening with the second episode of Shannon Harveys podcast coming online. This episode features Willem Kuyken and is available via all major podcast platforms and also by following this link:



Yesterday we supplied links to some interesting articles that are particularly relevant right now. We found them both insightful and useful, we hope you do to. If you missed the links they are included below:

As lockdown begins to lift for some of us: –

A Practice to Diffuse Financial Stress: