Weekly Update – 12 August 2023

Weekly Update – 12 August 2023

Welcome to this week’s update: a summary of everything we’ve shared on social media throughout the week.


Week commencing 14 August 2023

Ahead of the forthcoming reminder, here is the daily sit schedule for the week commencing 14 August 2023. To register, click on the image. If you have already signed up to our daily sits, keynotes, or social evenings, there is no need to register again, we use the same zoom link for all these sessions (please do check your spam folder if you have recently registered and not received the link). Please reuse the link given to you on your first registration for each future session.


We have a course for trained Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy or Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teachers who wish to train to teach the Introducing Mindfulness CurriculuM.


Take a ‘deeper’ dive’ into mindfulness practice with Per Norrgren. Our 2-Days of Practice offers an opportunity to:

  • Spend two days with an experienced teacher, deepening your mindfulness practice in a supportive online group setting
  • Recognise more clearly the habits of the mind and how we might work more skilfully with these
  • Revisit and deepen learning from familiar and some less familiar mindfulness practices

You are most welcome to join if you have an existing mindfulness practice, having completed a recognised 8-week mindfulness course.


For the last few years we have been offering keynotes on the first Wednesday of each month, hosting speakers on a range of topics.  We’ve heard from you that you’d like to learn more from our various keynote speakers and have therefore altered our format. So at the start of the month we will host a guest talk on a particular topic and a few weeks later, we will offer a more in-depth workshop from the same speaker.


With thanks to our friends at Bangor University CMRP for this important work about accessibility of Mindfulness-Based Programmes and their relevance to bigger-than-self concerns.


We are excited to invite you to join us in Oxford for a gathering in Autumn 2023. Specifically designed to support those who are training or have trained with us over the last 3-5 years.

We will be providing updates on our work, launching our new members programme and facilitating space for practice, reflection and socialising with fellow trainees, teachers, and trainers.

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