Weekly Update 19 August

Weekly Update 19 August

Welcome to this week’s update: a summary of everything we’ve shared on social media throughout the week.


Week commencing 21 August 2023

Ahead of the forthcoming reminder, here is the daily sit schedule for the week commencing 21 August 2023. To register, click on the image. If you have already signed up to our daily sits, keynotes, or social evenings, there is no need to register again, we use the same zoom link for all these sessions (please do check your spam folder if you have recently registered and not received the link). Please reuse the link given to you on your first registration for each future session.



A reminder that there’s limited spots remaining for our 12-month Mindfulness for Life Teacher Training Program, commencing in October 2023.

The aim of this online training programme provides a solid platform for developing your teaching. The course is suitable for those who have completed the prerequisites for the course and are willing to work within the OMF’s Ethical Guidelines for MBCT Teachers.

Teacher training


Starting from Friday, August 25, 2023, Andrew Waterhouse will take the lead in conducting a Mindfulness for Life course.

Mindfulness for Life (sometimes referred to as MBCT-L) is a course designed to cultivate mindful awareness of our body, emotions and mind so that we can live our lives with a greater sense of wellbeing, kindness and resilience. It is an evidence-based course, developed in the light of research at Oxford University and other leading research centres.



We are sharing recent research, with thanks to academics in the field.You can read more from a 2023 paper – Participation in Online Mindfulness was Associated with Improved Self-Compassion and Prosocial Attitudes – by clicking on the link below. The research and reporting in this article are independent of the OMF.


We are excited to invite you to join us in Oxford for a gathering in Autumn 2023. Specifically designed to support those who are training or have trained with us over the last 3-5 years. We will be providing updates on our work, launching our new members programme and facilitating space for practice, reflection and socialising with fellow trainees, teachers, and trainers.


Explore the deep connection between mindfulness and building resilience against trauma in an interactive three-hour webinar focused on Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness. Guided by the renowned authority, David Treleaven, you will explore the skill of establishing secure and empowering spaces for mindfulness, suitable for everyone. Whether you engage in mindfulness, work as a therapist or educator, or are just intrigued by this transformative realm, this webinar guarantees valuable understanding, useful techniques, and fresh viewpoints.