Willem Kuyken keynote symposium at Mindfulness in Society conference in July

Willem Kuyken keynote symposium at Mindfulness in Society conference in July

What do we know and not know? Professors Paul Gilbert (University of Derby) and Willem Kuyken will be giving a Keynote Symposium on the relationship between mindfulness and compassion at the Mindfulness in Society Conference in Chester this July.

The session, What do we know and not know?, will be chaired by Dr Rebecca Crane and will consider what is the relationship between mindfulness and compassion: what is known about how training in mindfulness and compassion help us to face up to, and wisely act on, our own and other people’s distress and suffering, and support well-being?

Paul and Willem will also discuss the current issues, complexities and questions in this area for practitioners and researchers, and What are the major unanswered questions going forward? They will each offer a talk addressing some of these questions and issues, and will then explore the themes in dialogue with each other and with the audience.

The Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice conference, to be held in Chester from 7-11 July, aims to support mindfulness-based teachers and researchers to come together to inspire each other and be inspired by leaders within the field, and to engage with the latest scientific and practice developments.

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