Who am I?

I am a mindfulness practitioner who started the mindfulness journey from traditional mindfulness meditation practice, then moving onto learning and teaching MBSR and MBCT. Before becoming a mindfulness teacher, I have a business background working in Asia and Europe for 19 years.

对于我个人来说我是一个静观修习者 – 从开始时的传统静观修习,到学习当代的静观减压课程(MBSR) 与 静观认知疗法 (MBCT),以至开始教授静观课程 – 都是修习的过程。在成为静观教师之前,我作为职业经理人在亚洲与欧洲的商界工作19年之久。

What do I do?

Besides being personally transformed by the healing touch of mindfulness, I am equally interested and fascinated by the nurturing and flourishing potential offered by the practice. I founded the Gaia Tree Centre for Mindfulness to teach MBSR & MBCT programs to general public. I also founded the ATINAT Institute of Mindfulness Training to train and supervise MBSR and MBCT teachers. I was involved in the MBSR & MBCT professional training in Chinese speaking region since 2013 with UMASS Center for Mindfulness (US),Oxford Mindfulness Foundation (UK) and Mindfulness Center at Brown University (US).

静观修习为我个人带来重要的转化与疗愈,但让我同样好奇与吸引的是静观修习为人带来的滋养、欣欣向荣与健康幸福的潜力。因此我成立了盖亚之树静观中心为大众分享 MBSR 与 MBCT 课程,然后又成立了AIMT |心|願|度|靜觀培訓學院去支持 MBSR 与 MBCT 课程的师资督导与专业培训。自2013年起,我开始在华语地区参与麻省大学静观中心 (UMASS CFM)、牛津静观中心 (OMC)、和布朗大学静观中心 (MC@B) 所举办的 MBSR 与 MBCT 专业培训。