Who am I?

First, I was a corporate lawyer, qualifying as a litigator at the City firm of Linklaters in the 1990s. Then I decided to change careers, became a newspaper journalist in the 2000s, and ended up as the media editor of the Daily Telegraph.

These high-pressure jobs ultimately caused me to burn out – and mindfulness became one of the essential tools in my recovery. I then completed my training to teach MBCT, at the OMC, in 2017.

 What do I do?

I teach mindfulness in the kind of stressful offices that I used to work in – particularly in the media industry – as well as to public groups. My teaching usually deploys the OMF programmes of MBCT, MBCT-L and Finding Peace in a Frantic World.

In March 2020, in response to the lockdown, I set up Keep Calmer, a free online drop-in meditation. It ran every weekday at 6pm, led by trained MBCT and MBSR teachers and has now been taken over by the OMF and continues to support a global community of mindfulness practioners