Tessa Watt


I teach MBCT/MBSR to the public and in a range of workplaces. I was co-chair of the Workplace strand of the Mindful Nation UK inquiry.  My books include Mindfulness (Icon)  and Mindful London (Virgin). I have a PhD in History from Cambridge University and have practiced mindfulness for 25...

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Lynsey Wellington


I am a Mindfulness Teacher and Therapist in private practice as well as a keen gardener and DIY fanatic! I ‘virtually’ answer the door at OMC by helping Ellie with all of the incoming emails in the daily Inbox, replying, signposting, and encouraging folks to sign...

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Mark Williams

Founding Director and Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Before my retirement in December 2013, I was a Professor of Clinical Psychology, Director of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and Wellcome Principal Research Fellow in the University of Oxford Department of Psychiatry. I worked with a great team to investigate why some people become suicidal when they get depressed, and others...

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Alison Yiangou

Teacher, Trainer and Curriculum Training Lead

I have a background in Psychology and over 40 years of experience working internationally with meditation and mindful awareness in non-clinical settings. I have a particular interest in broadening access to MBCT – in different cultural settings and populations – and in the potential of MBCT to promote...

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Peter Yiangou

Teacher, Trustee and Chairman of the Board

As Chair of the Board of Trustees, I work with the Director and the Chief Executive Officer to provide strategic leadership for the OMC. I am a retired Chartered Architect and and...

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Sophie Zhang

Apprentice Trainer

I had been working for over ten years as lawyer, qualified in China and in the state of New York, USA, till I had the chance to meet, to practice and to fall in love with mindfulness. The path of learning, sharing and teaching MBCT nurtures me and inspires me how vivid, authentic and wise life can...

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