The OMC is offering bursary places on our introductory courses for those financially impacted by COVID-19

The OMC is offering bursary places on our introductory courses for those financially impacted by COVID-19

The OMC would like to support individuals who have been impacted by the current Covid-19 pandemic to access introductory mindfulness courses.  To do this we are offering bursary places on some of our courses. Where financially viable, we will offer free places on courses that are not fully occupied.

Bursary places will be offered close to the course start date as we need to balance this offering with the ability to recruit participants who are able to make payment and enable the OMC to function.  There are a limited number of spaces on each course included in the scheme and they will be allocated in order of receipt of application, providing those applicants meet the usual course criteria.

Due to our limited admin resources we will not hold a waiting list or transfer applications from one course to another or have the capacity to email people when a course is brought into the scheme however we will make social media announcements therefore please do keep an eye on our social media.

The scheme is designed to support those who have been seriously impacted financially by the current Covid-19 restrictions and the application will ask for brief details of your eligibility to apply under this criteria.  For those who do not qualify under this criteria we have a range of introductory courses which we have re-priced due to our new mode of online delivery, please visit the website ‘learn mindfulness’ section for more information and to apply.

Courses included in the scheme will include a question about applying for the OMC Covid-19 Bursary and will be announced on our social media and have reference to this on the course title.  Please support our admin workload by checking the course title on the website, if it does not say it is part of the Covid-19 Bursary Scheme then we are unable to offer bursary places on that particular course at that moment in time.

We hope this scheme can support some people during this difficult time, we are actively considering various schemes to support others who are affected by this pandemic and will communicate these as they progress.

Wishing you all well during these difficult and unprecedented times.

Very warm regards,

Sharon Grace Hadley 
CEO, Oxford Mindfulness Centre