Weekly Update – 14th October

Weekly Update – 14th October

Welcome to this week’s update: a summary of everything we’ve shared on social media throughout the week.


The booking deadline for our Autumn Gathering has been extended to Monday 23rd October, 2023.

Due to interest from those who haven’t yet trained with OMF, but would like to connect with us, we have opened up the invitation to our 2023 Autumn Gathering to all who have completed an 8-week mindfulness course and are interested in training with us. We will be providing field and research updates and there’ll be space for practice, reflection and socialising with trainees, teachers, and trainers.



Ahead of the forthcoming reminder, here is the daily sit schedule for the week commencing 16th October 2023. To register, click on the button below. If you have already signed up to our daily sits, keynotes, or social evenings, there is no need to register again, we use the same zoom link for all these sessions (please do check your spam folder if you have recently registered and not received the link). Please reuse the link given to you on your first registration for each future session.


A reminder that if you’re a professional working with (adult) clients with autism or ADHD and/or a professional who provides mindfulness training and wants to learn more about mindfulness for adults with autism or ADHD, the booking deadline for our upcoming workshops is tomorrow, Sunday October 15th.


Would you like to train to teach mindfulness? Our 12-month programme delivers teacher training of the highest quality, that is trustworthy and safe. It benchmarks with the international Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Training Pathway. On completion, you will be able to teach a range of curricula from 3-week introductory to 8-week courses, suited to your particular context and background.

Join our online Information Session on Sunday 22nd October, 2023 (10:00-11:00 BST) and receive an overview of our training programmes including entry criteria, progression routes, training content and assessment plus a Q&A.


Our 8-week Mindfulness For Life (MBCT-L) course is suitable if you’re new to mindfulness, have tried mindfulness before and you’d like to experience doing a course in a group, led by an experienced teacher, or if you’d like to experience this particular course.

Click the button below to find upcoming courses.