Who am I?

I am an experienced OMC mindfulness teacher and a Chartered & HCPC registered Occupational Health Physiotherapist. For many years I have had a special interest in the connection between physical and mental health, and the transformative potential of mindfulness in promoting health, well-being and flourishing. I completed my MBCT training at OMC in 2014 and have subsequently been teaching mindfulness courses for the general public and within organisations.

What do I do? 

I teach MBCT and MBCT for Life for the general public as an Associate at OMC and in south-west London, as well as teaching the Finding Peace in a Frantic World curriculum in the workplace. From April 2020 I will be offering online MBCT for Life courses including the new 12-module “Beyond the 8-week course” developed by OMC: Deepening & Sustaining Mindfulness for Life.