Who am I?

I am a teacher of MBSR and MBCT, based in Sussex. I gained a masters degree from Bangor University in 2010. Since 2011, I have been offering training in MBSR/MBCT through Bangor (CMRP/Mindfulness Network) and the Sussex Mindfulness Centre. In 2017 I was convenor of the UK Network and pioneered the Listing (now the BAMBA register) with Sharon Hadley. I supervise new and experienced teachers. Since 2015 I have offering trainings and MBCT courses in Spanish through MBCT-Spain.

My background includes martial arts, Focusing and yoga teaching. I have practised the Dharma within the Triratna community since 1981. Since 2011 I have run secular retreats for mindfulness teachers.

What do I do?

Since 2022 I have offered training (including retreats) for the OMF in the Spanish speaking world.