Who am I?

I am a mindfulness teacher trainer and author – and have been involved in mindfulness since 1999 and the beginning of MBCT. I have two special interests within the mindfulness field – one is in relation to work with people with cancer – and the other is concerned with groupwork practice.

I am one of the founder members of the CMRP core training team and train for the Mindfulness Network. I have a background in community development and have worked in rural development with local people in an ex-‘homeland’ area in South Africa.

What do I do?

From 2001 – 2020, I taught regular 8-week MBCT programmes to people with cancer, within a North Wales oncology unit. I now work with a few people with advanced cancer one to one online.

I train on the Mindfulness Network (MN) teacher’s training pathway and taught for 15 years on the Bangor University Mindfulness Masters programme until 2020. I supervise teachers from different parts of the world, lead workshops and train mindfulness teachers in Europe and occasionally further afield, and I offer brief mindfulness interventions to UK health professionals through Mayfly https://mayfly.org.uk

I am also grandmother to 4 fast-growing young, gardener, border collie companion, and keen listener to music.