Who am I?

I have been  an associate trainer with the OMC since 2017.

What do I do?

I’m a Consultant Clinical Psychologist  leading a Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing Service for NHS and Social Care staff working and living in the Oxford Region.  Over the three decades that I’ve practised as a Psychologist, I’ve worked with clients in the NHS who are experiencing life with a range of severity and types of health, mental health, and disabilities and have provided Mindfulness Classes to all.

I have supervised mindfulness teachers working internationally as well on the IAPT teacher training programme and locally within the NHS. As a trainer I’ve co-taught a number of modules on Foundation Courses for OMF and have mentored many trainees as part of this.

As well as MBCT-D I’ve taught Finding Peace Classes for staff in teams and more recently have been teaching MBCT L online for OMF.