Who am I?

I am the Chief of the Psychiatric Department at the Tainan Municipal Hospital in Taiwan. I specialise in child and adolescent psychiatry and psycho-oncology. I am also a university lecturer.

My interest in mindfulness began in 2012 when I started working with the cancer population. I subsequently trained as a mindfulness teacher and, more recently, a trainer and supervisor. I have attended insight meditation retreats guided by mindfulness teachers regularly. As well as retreats, I regularly meditate, which provide precious opportunities to cultivate steady and grounded qualities in extended and challenging conditions.

What do I do?

As well as a certified MBCT teacher and a trainer through the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation, I am also a Mindfulness-based Supervisor through the Mindfulness Network. I have extensive experience teaching and supervising MBCT family programmes for cancer patients, workplaces, university students, healthcare professionals, and general populations. In addition, I am a MiSP .b and paws b teacher and trainer for children and teenagers.