Who am I?

I am curious human being going through the cycles of life who has had the choice and blessings of encountering psychology, mindfulness and depths of ancient wisdom. I delight in bringing together the strengths to meet needs and contribute to touching into wellbeing within each one of us.

What do I do?

Facilitate MBCT groups and support the awareness of mindfulness in the community (public, schools, university, workplaces, hospitals) through offering introductory and integrative workshops based on needs. Being motivated by the benefits that integrating mindfulness has gifted to my life and the lives of many who have attended. Recognizing that cultivating awareness may be a skill that is as fundamental to breathing to keep our body alive, as to keep our mind well.
I remain open to working in various countries e.g. with Mindfulness Works, New Zealand and Australia facilitating and mentoring new facilitators, Shan You Counselling Centre in Singapore, and free-lance through Nature and Nurture Sparks wherever there are requests. Serve as a bridge for OMC services to reach the community around the world.