Who am I?

I am a mindfulness teacher with a special interest in what encourages and supports people to continue with formal and informal mindfulness practice after the 8-week course.  My master’s thesis for the MA in Mindfulness-Based Approaches at Bangor University addressed the potential of interest as a skilful facilitator for self-regulated mindfulness practice.  Personally, I am interested in sustaining and deepening practice, and inspired by the courage of those who have joined me on mindfulness courses, retreats and training.

What do I do?

I teach 8-week courses in the community and non-clinical settings in West Surrey, and bespoke sessions and courses in workplace, healthcare and educational settings in Surrey and London.  I have facilitated courses for research trials for schools and healthcare professionals; and explored the challenges of offering mindfulness to foundation doctors and medical students (under pilot programmes supported by the OMC Accessibility Grant).  Witnessing first-hand the positive impact on participants, I now offer MBCT for Life programme as my community course.  I am incorporating the 12-themes of the new Deepening and Sustaining Mindfulness for Life programme, developed by the OMC, into my graduate retreat days and on-going practice offerings.