Who am I?

I originally hail from the United States where I grew up in the State of New York, pretty close to Canada.  In my daily life, I am a professional Opera Singer and travel extensively in Europe doing different productions.  I call myself a “character tenor” as I tend to play the folks that keep the plot moving along and can often be very interesting people.

When I get to be at home, that’s in the Southeast of England in a beautiful town called Tunbridge Wells, I live here with my partner, Lloyd and our cat Daphne.

I came to Mindfulness when I was in my University days and started to look outside the traditional ways of living and approaching the world (or at least the ways that I was brought up to) and to find a way of bringing compassion and care to the world around me. Ultimately, this connected me to the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation and I couldn’t be more pleased to have formed an ongoing relationship together.

Learning and understanding more about Buddhist roots in Mindfulness is also something I am very passionate about and I have been volunteering with Gaia House in England as on online Zoom Driver for as many retreats and sessions that I can as well as studying virtually with Bodhi College to deepen my understanding and connection to the ancient origins of Mindfulness and how we can apply it to our daily lives.

What do I do?

With the OMF, I am a regular leader of the SIT sessions, I’ve taught the Mindfulness for Life 8-week course, and I am a teacher trainer for the 12-month teacher training pathway.