Who am I?

I am a Clinical Psychologist who has specialised in experiential approaches to therapy. I trained in MBCT at the OMF, starting with the 8 day residential in Ammerdown in 2014, moving on to the Foundation Course in 2015/2016 and finally completing the MSt in MBCT in 2018 (for which I was awarded a distinction). In addition to my interest in mindfulness as a tool to enhance emotional wellbeing, I am fascinated by its potential to improve relationships. I trained in another research and mindfulness based therapy called Alliance Focused Therapy which emphasises the use of ‘mindfulness-in-relationship’ as a means of resolving impasses in therapy, and offer training in this approach. My day job is as Lead Clinician at Headington Psychotherapy (www.headingtonpsychotherapy.co.uk).

What do I do?

I teach the Finding Peace curriculum to students at the University of Oxford.