Who am I?

I am professionally qualified as an Occupational Psychologist and until 2016, I was Director of Ministerial Business and Parliamentary Accountability at the UK Department of Health (DH) and Chair of the DH Staff Health and Wellbeing programme. After training to teach MBSR/MBCT at Bangor University and Oxford Mindfulness Foundation, I personally introduced mindfulness to over 3,000 colleagues at DH and across the UK Civil Service. I contributed to the Mindful Nation UK report and continue as an external Advisor to the UK Mindfulness Initiative (MI). I was a member of the Board of Trustees for Oxford Mindfulness Foundation (OMF) from 2015-2020 and am proud to continue to serve the organisation in my current role as Co-Director of Teaching and Training.

What do I do?

As Co-Director of Teaching and Training, I am responsible for co-ordinating our teacher training activities at the OMF and delivering Teacher Training to OMF participants from all over the world.

Based in Portugal since 2016, I have a particular interest in promoting and Supporting Integrity in Teaching and Training (SITT).  In 2018, I established a formal monthly “SITT” group in Portugal to facilitate networking and training alongside annual “good practice” retreats for Portuguese mindfulness teachers.

In addition to my role as Co- Director of Teaching and Training at the OMF, I am trained to deliver the full suite of OMC curricula which was developed by the University of Oxford and the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation. This includes MBCT, Mindfulness for Life (MBCT-L), Finding Peace in a Frantic World, the12-session Taking it Further course, the Frame by Frame 8-week course recently developed by Mark Williams and the 3-session Introducing Mindfulness course