Who am I?

I am an accredited psychotherapist and counsellor with the UKCP & BACP and a member of the BABCP. I have over twenty years’ experience of working as a psychological therapist in the NHS. I have also worked in an educational context for twelve years including nine years at the London School of Economics. I spent time at City University and the Metropolitan University contributing to the training of psychologists on delivering time sensitive therapy and have co-authored a number of books on the topic. I became interested in Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy in 2010 and completed the Oxford MBCT MSt in 2014.

What do I do?

I work as a psychological therapist in primary care the NHS ( a GP practice) and have been teaching MBCT since 2012 to patients of the practice. As an OMC associate teacher I have taught MBCT in the public classes since 2014. I have participated in the training in the MBCT for Life programme provided by the OMC over the last two years and have been teaching this programme in the NHS for two years now. I am excited to further explore the potential of this programme for fostering resilience and improved mental health and well-being.