Who am I?

I’m a Chartered Coaching Psychologist registered with the BPS and HCPC and Mindfulness MBSR trainer.  Mindfulness has had a powerful influence on my life whether working with individuals or teams in public or private sector organisations or while I’m rowing on the Thames near our home in Twickenham.

What I do?

After 10 years in corporate advertising working in Cape Town South Africa, I trained as a Psychologist to further my understanding of resilience. While working at the Centre for Wellbeing at the University of Surrey in 2005 I attended my first mindfulness training with Mark Williams at the OMC. Mindfulness combines my passionate belief in addressing the workings of the mind and its connection to the body and acknowledgement of the heart.

In 2011 I established a consultancy, LiveWorkWell as I felt that mindfulness offered huge possibilities in the workplace. To this end, I completed a training in Organisational Change and Consulting through the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations which greatly expanded my awareness of how to embed sustainable change at an organisational level.

In 2016 I co-authored a chapter in the book edited by Margaret Chapman-Clarke, Mindfulness in the Workplace. I was invited to be part of the volunteer panel who contributed to the Mindfulness Initiative’s recommendations on how to implement mindfulness training into organisations.  This is one of the initiatives recommended by the All Party Parliamentary Group APPG supporting the development of the Mindful Nation. In 2018 I became involved with the OMC Mindfulness in the UK Parliament programme delivering Mindfulness training for MP’s and Peers as well as their staff.

Since 2020, I have co-facilitated the Mindfulness in the workplace training which is an 8 month long training for experienced mindfulness teachers wanting to deliver mindfulness in workplace settings, both in the public and private sector.  This global programme provides a great opportunity to be a part of the evolving mindfulness workplace community.