Who am I?

I am a Chinese mindfulness practitioner, MBCT teacher and supervisor with a background in long-term care for ageing, industry and non-profit organization. I benefit from mindfulness practices personally and I am inspired from MBCT courses.

What do I do?

I regularly facilitate MBCT programmes (MBCT-L, Finding Peace, Taking it further) in public, schools, universities, workplaces, and hospitals in Mandarin. In response to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, all of these courses are now also offered online. Witnessing first-hand the positive impact and transformative capacity on participants, I have a deep interest in broadening access to MBCT courses in the Chinese population to promote their welfare.

My support for OMF’s work is based in the Chinese community and includes:

  • Teaching courses
  • Mentor to Teachers in training, closely supporting trainees as they journey along with their learning.
  • Translator: Translate the English manual into Mandarin to support the learning of Chinese trainees
  • Zoom Driver: Provide support on the Zoom platform to teachers and participants for OMF’s online programmes.